There are a few celebrities who can be considered pillars of Hollywood who’ve not only set the bar high for acting but who are also known for their outstanding contributions to the industry. They’ve established successful careers and left a legacy that a new generation of actors and actresses can follow. No one has managed to surpass what they can do, and they remain the kings and queens of the Hollywood industry. Meet the celebrities who were famous yesterday and now rich today, enjoying the fruits of their labor and their huge net worth.

Woody Allen | $140 Million

Woody Allen is an internationally acclaimed film director and playwright. His body of work tended to consist of romantic comedies and slapstick films, which have caught the attention of award-giving bodies such as the Oscars. He won four Academy Awards as a writer and director and received more than 20 nominations. To date, he has directed over 49 feature films and 14 theater productions in the span of his career, including the ‘70s hit movies Annie Hall, Bananas, and Manhattan.

Aside from film directing, Allen is also a known playwright, book author, and an accomplished jazz clarinetist. With Allen’s long-standing reputation as one of the best directors of Hollywood, it does not come as a surprise that he already has a $140 million net worth. Because of this, he was able to use some investment money to buy real estate properties such as a New York City duplex which he sold for $26 million. He purchased a townhome on the Upper East Side with 10 rooms.