The paparazzi are not the biggest fans, but they follow all our favorite celebrities with their cameras. Although Lady Gaga made a hit out of this, I assure you, she sometimes hated these people too. Here are ten celebs who snapped and lost it with the paparazzi.

Britney Spears

As the song goes, “I’m only human, and I crash, and I break down.” That could’ve been the Princess of Pop’s alibi when she got involved in an altercation in 2007, wherein she took a swing at a pap using a green umbrella. Consequently, Daniel Ramos seemed to have multiple cash loans, as TMZ reported that this pap put the said umbrella for auction in the hopes of milking $50,000 out of it.

Shia Lebouf

Transformers’ actor transformed when he had enough with these unfriendly peeps who tailed him around and took a snap of whatever he’s up to. One infamous incident was when he threw his cup of coffee all over a pap and ran away, just like how people did when their payday loans got approved.

Mike Tyson

He should be one of the least favorite persons you want to fight with. However, a pap got a taste of Tyson’s medicine when he was shoved on the floor by the boxing champion. We just hope he didn’t have to call his health insurance company after that seemingly painful encounter.

Russel Brand

Russel Brand wasn’t in his usual funny state when he went out on a date with his former wife, Katy Perry. He confronted and pushed one of the photographers after he and other paps followed them to their car. Who could blame him, though? Some paparazzi simply do not give these celebs some degree of privacy.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been very outspoken about how much he hates these camera-wielding people all around Hollywood. In fact, Baldwin has gotten involved with numerous fiascoes with paparazzi. In a CafeMom video, we can see Baldwin grabbing a man’s arm while he screamed as if he’s in excruciating pain. Hopefully, he didn’t obtain any injuries and had to call his insurance company.

Adam Lambert

While minding his own business and peacefully taking a dose of that “vitamin sea,” Adam Lambert lost it and attacked the paparazzi until one of his friends pulled him away from the photographer, saving him from a costly trip to the lawyer’s office.

Lindsay Lohan

Just like a student with 12 hours of online classes, Lindsay showed tantrums and rage after several paparazzi followed her to her doorstep. What did she do? Well, the Mean Girls actress simply hurled eggs towards them. She also took a swing at one pap back in 2008.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus would certainly come in like a Wrecking Ball when one of her loved ones was involved. In another video compiled by CafeMom, Miley and her mom left a shop and headed towards their car when a pap suddenly passed by and unintentionally ran over her mom. The Party In the USA singer’s mood changes faster than electricity, so she immediately confronted the guy.

Kanye West

Surprise? Hope not. The rapper also has his share of numerous events with the paparazzo. One of these was a report from ABC News, where the media saw Kanye grabbing a photographer’s camera. The wrestle was quite serious, that the pap needed to contact his insurance company for the medical assistance he received.

Liam Hemsworth

This is quite hard to believe, but the adorable Liam was a few inches away from having a fistfight with some photographers while he’s with Miley Cyrus. A video showed the actor getting into a heated argument with a paparazzi group. Still, fortunately, security came to weather the unlikely atmosphere.

Justin Bieber

Justin may be one of the coolest performers on Earth right now. Still, there were instances where The Biebs couldn’t keep his temper to a manageable level, especially when the paparazzi couldn’t give him time to enjoy life without flashing cameras everywhere. He’s been the tabloid’s target for years, so it wouldn’t surprise us if he has the most top-notch home security systems.

Lamar Odom

Cameras and mobile phones are huge investments for the paparazzi, so you wouldn’t want them to get snatched away from you, right? Unfortunately for the pap who tried to get in Lamar Odom’s way, he got more than what he bargained for when the NBA star grabbed his camera and phone. They were lucky, though, that Lamar gave it back.

Avril Lavigne

In 2008, after leaving a club, several paps might have uttered the title of her song What The Hell after the pop-rock singer cussed and spit over them — good thing no lawyers were involved in the encounter.

Amy Winehouse

Unlike others who care less about these photographers, Amy Winehouse is indeed different. She attacked them! Well, credits to her for defending herself.