It’s not every day that you bump into someone you are a huge fan of. You will seldom spot them walking down Hollywood Boulevard and they will never wave at you from their yard when you pass by their stately mansions while you are on a celebrity-home bus tour. Hollywood Celebrities are pretty tricky to spot even when you are already in Los Angeles, California, so if you’re on a mission to spot an A-lister, then you better know where their usual hangouts are.

Here are some helpful tips to make that dream come true. Be warned, though. Some of these places come at a steep price, so best to have your credit card ready. They even go grocery shopping by themselves sometimes.

Chateau Marmont Restaurant Patio

This town does not fall short of patio restaurants that are incredibly high-profiled. Get your reservations in order because when you dine at Chateau Marmont Restaurant Patio, you are likely to see someone from the drama series The O.C. since they’re usually present to have some of their excellent food. You might even spot an Olsen twin enjoying a cup of coffee. Celebrities like Led Zeppelin’s drummer, John Bonham, once drove a motorcycle through the lobby of the place. However, it is never a place to steal a quick photo op with a famous person. The expensive restaurant sits in West Hollywood and must have excellent insurance policies.

Town Bar

If you are up for something a little more exciting, drive down to West Hollywood again. Located at the heart of The Strip, you will find the widely recognized Town Bar where you will probably see a drunk celebrity screaming into their phones. This legendary Los Angeles establishment is one of the stars’ favorite hang-out places to have a drink while enjoying some tuna tartare. Prepare your credit card, though, because the bill won’t come cheap.


Craig’s at Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is the place to be if you want to bump into someone famous. This fine-dining restaurant is known for the high probability of stars going there to enjoy their exquisite food. This Hollywood hotspot serves the most delicious bread, which you will enjoy more as you lock eyes with a celebrity dreamboat. Gas up that auto. We are going to lunch!


Suppose you feel like having the best yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno, sashimi tacos, and black cod miso in town with A-list celebrities. In that case, you might want to drive down to Malibu to this luxurious Japanese restaurant is called Nobu. The exorbitant prices might require you to get a personal loan, but it will be totally worth the experience. After all, Nobu never runs out of swarming paparazzi sitting outside of this fine sushi place.

Giorgio Baldi

In Malibu, this little Italian restaurant, Santa Monica, called Giorgio Baldi, is a must if you want to enjoy some fine Italian meal with a dash of a celebrity sighting. They serve a few of the most delectable dishes in town, including a plate of burrata that is sure to make your mouth water. Their ever-so-famous sweet corn agnolotti is also a must-try. Did I mention that you will probably see Rihanna dining in a see-through kaftan? You might want to get a hold of your credit card for the best fine-dining experience ever.

Gelson’s Market

If you have had enough of sitting around at high-end restaurants from Beverly Hills to Malibu, going grocery shopping at Gelson’s Market on Franklin might just be the spark you need to get excited about seeing celebrities again. You might bump into Jon Hamm at the deli counter, or you might lock eyes with Alison Brie as she reaches for some almond milk. This grocery store is one of these Hollywood stars’ top picks for their daily needs at home. You might want to withdraw some of that investment money you have locked away in the bank and spend it on a trip to Los Angeles.