No matter how successful you are, there’s no denying the fact that we all look up to celebrities. From prolific music artists to iconic movie stars, we all love to put these stars up a pedestal for the entertainment they bring to our lives. What’s not to love about them, though? These celebrities portray the brighter things in life glittered with luxury and glamor. However, on the rare occasion that these stars fall from grace, we get a moment of embarrassing relatable situations that make them more lovable in the eyes of fans worldwide. To the credit of internet culture, these moments are forever in existence for our viewing pleasure. Here are six embarrassing moments from our favorite celebrities.


We all love and adore Jennifer Lawrence for the grace she brings into her roles on the silver screen. From her award-winning performance in Silver Linings Playbook to her action-packed Hunger Games franchise, she imbues beauty and talent that we rarely get to see from Hollywood celebrities. Ironically, even she has had her fair share of embarrassing moments, specifically that one time she tripped on her way to receive her Oscar Award. At least we know celebs are just like us.


Fergie stormed into the music industry along with the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas. The singer also deserves credit for having a successful career, thanks to her hit singles Fergalicious and London Bridge. She toured across the globe, bringing her music to fans coupled with intense and entertaining performances.

In 2005, Fergie did an oopsie, after she failed to notice herself peeing in her pants. Let’s just boil this down to one of the hazards of a fierce and immersive live performance.


Touring across the world can be quite draining and tiring, especially when coupled with obligatory interviews. Such was the case for music artist Demi Lovato. In one of her interviews, a host asked a trivial question about her favorite dish. In a momentary lapse of judgment, she confidently answered a mug, explaining how a mug keeps things warm and can come with nice handles. While that might be embarrassing, we do need to give Demi credit for trying her best.


Every musician considers their live performances as the physical embodiment of their art. That is why we get to see pop and rock stars alike put in the extra effort to bring in props and gimmicks to enhance their live audiences’ viewing experience. Sometimes, however, these gimmicks just don’t go as planned.

In one of Taylor Swift’s performances, she miscued her position for what was supposed to be a glamorous few seconds in front of a well-positioned industrial fan. It turned for the worse for the pop star as the fan blew her skirt upwards, giving her audience a full view of her delicates. To be honest, Taylor’s audience got their ticket investments’ worth and went home satisfied with a little more than what they paid for.


Sometimes, we forget celebrities put in extra effort to look the way they look. In one of Christina Aguilera’s public appearances, fans got a glimpse of what she usually goes through to look as glamorous as she does. She must’ve been in a hurry as the tan she applied wasn’t fully dried, and fans saw the liquid dripping down her legs. Nonetheless, this mishap doesn’t take away anything from her natural beauty.


When exposed to the limelight, specifically walking down the red carpet, celebrities make sure to shell out hefty sums of investment money to buy the most alluring and lavish dress available.

In rare instances, wardrobe malfunctions can be the center of attention for various entertainment media outlets. Such was the case in the 2012 Emmy Award Ceremony, where Sofia Vergara tore her dress in the most precarious way possible – ripped across her backside. I guess we can say that even the dress couldn’t contain her sexiness and beauty.