Celebs project an ideal image, and whenever they are on camera, they appear to have perfect skin, hair, and physique. Of course, many of them make tons of investments always to look good—whether they’re filming or simply going out for a stroll. There are strict diets, exercise routines, expensive skincare, and other factors that go into creating this image. They even have an entire team to make sure they look perfectly coiffed for any event. However, have you ever wondered what they might look like without makeup? Well, the reality behind the fantasy might surprise you.

Gabrielle Union


The actress has genes to credit for her gorgeous looks. She isn’t one to shy away from going full glam, but Gabrielle Union is just as confident when it comes to her bare face. She usually posts selfies on Instagram without so much as a bit of foundation! Her healthy skin and adorable freckles certainly make her glow.

Sofia Vergara


It’s no secret that Sofia Vergara can rock the smoky-eyed paired with a bold red lip look. She’s every bit the screen siren, but without makeup, she looks just as beautiful. In fact, many would agree that the Latin bombshell also looks much younger! We know she loves her black eyeliner, but we wonder how much investment money she has spent on skincare to have such a fresh face!

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has always been a very vocal advocate of loving oneself. The singer certainly walks the talk because she isn’t afraid to show off her nude face on social media. We wonder if it’s her skincare routine or a happy romantic life that’s giving her a gorgeous inner glow. It could be both, right? According to her, however, it’s all about confidence. There are things money can’t buy, right? You can learn make-up tricks through online classes, but confidence is something you develop through self-love and experience.

Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria has hardly aged since she first wowed us on the series Desperate Housewives. Years on, and she still has that sun-kissed glow to her skin, whether she has make-up on or not. Like others on our list, going bare-faced takes years off of her appearance! Longoria is first to admit that she loves getting dolled up, given the fact that she was once a “pageant girl from Texas.” Still, she also practices plenty of money management to fit in skin maintenance, such as facials and getting laser treatments.

Katy Perry


We all know the pop star for her fun and creative make-up looks, but we love her best when she’s all-natural. Katy Perry has such lovely porcelain skin that she takes excellent care of. No wonder she prefers going bare-faced whenever she’s not performing! With that in mind, she has also once collaborated with the brand CoverGirl to create a line of products that will help women create natural looks. We’re sure the singer’s fans are delighted by this, but none more so than her financial advisor!

Megan Fox


Megan Fox’s signature look is a bold red lip and perfectly done eyeliner. While this helps enhance her features, we think she looks even more beautiful with a nude face. Fox is also among the celebrities who follow a “less is more” philosophy regarding her makeup. Even when attending red carpets, the most she’ll do is a light foundation, some rouge on her cheeks, and the same lipstick she always wears. Do you want to achieve the same look? Start with keeping your skin healthy. It may take a bit of investment, but you will be thanking yourself for it.

So go on, give your skin a break and flaunt your natural skin as these gorgeous actresses do!