We all have our go-to list of movies and shows that we love to binge on any given weekend. Whether it be because of our favorite celebrity stars or because of a good storyline, we can all agree that, at the very least, a film or a show must be well-produced. It is primarily the reason why studios make sure to shell out hefty sums of investment money. Unfortunately, sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Production mishaps pass the post-production and studio edit process, and mistakes go through undetected. Here are five production mishaps that you might’ve missed.


In 2003, Disney released the first installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Johnny Depp, portraying the enigmatic and charismatic Jack Sparrow, captured fans’ hearts worldwide, leading to four more lucrative releases from the franchise.

The cast and crew shot the movie on the gorgeous jungle island of Dominica. Doing so gave the film some degree of believability. Surprisingly, there was a scene where the cameras caught one of the extras among Jack’s crewmates wearing a big white cowboy hat.


Game of Thrones took over our television screens back in 2011. It single-handedly brought the world of the fantasy genre into mainstream pop culture along with dragons and white walkers. At the peak of its success, the show received investments worth over $10 million per episode. On the contrary, the studio should have been budgeting more on their post-production, for in one of the show’s now most infamous scenes, a Starbucks cup escaped their attention and made an appearance on screen.


One can not talk about Keanu Reeves without acknowledging his legendary role as Neo in The Matrix. The film not only revolutionized action sequences in tandem with well-produced CGI, but it also innovated the way kung-fu and martial arts can go hand-in-hand with gunslinging action. With all its innovative, eye-catching action sequences, the directors daringly filmed a scene where Neo was to open a door, using a close-up of his reflection on the doorknob. Ironically, despite the studio’s hefty investment money, the best idea the film crew came up with was to drape a leather jacket on the camera in the hopes of it going unnoticed in the shot. Well, it didn’t, and now it’s immortalized by the internet.


Jurassic Park premiered at a time when movie productions had to rely on animatronic puppets instead of high-quality CGI. Be that as it may, it remains to be a staple classic in the thriller genre. Good thing the animatronic raptors gave the movie a realistic feel that we don’t see in high-budgeted films today, much to the movie’s credit. The downside is that the director has to work around angles for the crew, control the puppets, and be entirely out of the shot. In one of its most iconic scenes, we get a glimpse of one of the crew’s hands assisting the raptor in moving along the kitchen floor. I guess even dinosaurs need help sometimes.


If we talk about historical epics, Braveheart is one of people’s top five. It’s one of Mel Gibson’s iconic movies where he starred and directed. With the studio’s massive investments, Mel created one gigantic dramatic full-on medieval brutal war scene that fully immersed viewers into 13th-century warfare. Unfortunately, this tiny detail escaped his attention. In a rushing sequence with the actors riding horseback head-on, the cameras captured a white car in the background. Nonetheless, it’s more of an easter egg rather than a mishap and does not take away from the film’s glory.