There is an adage that goes, “If it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella, just enjoy the rain.” That is somehow applicable to some celebrities in this list when they encountered these ubiquitous paparazzi.

Britney Spears

It is no secret that the “pop princess” has had bad blood with these people. Remember the iconic event where she assaulted one pap with a green umbrella? This time she was captured spilling her beverage on one photographer. She’s really not a fan of paparazzi and maybe cash loans, too, considering that her net worth in 2021 is $70 million.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

The Amazing Spider-Man casts had a fantastic way to deal with paparazzi. Instead of getting photographed doing random everyday things, the two wrote several charitable websites such as and on pieces of paper and held them up whenever the paparazzi was around. They sure deserved credit for being creative with their paparazzi encounters.

Leonardo DeCaprio

The Academy Award-winning actor dealt with the paparazzi by covering up his impeccable face as if he was hiding from agents offering insurance. Bright Side even posted two photos of him covering his face with a black umbrella while he used his hat as a camouflage. Too bad we still recognized him despite his efforts.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The couple got snapped while seemingly having a date. The pair posed with eyes wide open, sporting a shocked look on their faces.

The eldest Jonas brother and X-Men Jean Grey’s new vessel, Sophie Turner, tied the knot on May 1, 2019, in France. The ceremony was simply beautiful. We can tell the couple spent some serious investment money on it.

Kanye West

The following photograph shows billionaire musician Kanye West sporting a bright smile with his wife and sisters. However, as soon as he heard the shutter sound, his face turned into a frown. Kind of look familiar? Yup, that’s our face when the electricity bill comes in.

Mark Wahlberg

Paparazzi usually come in groups, so Mark Wahlberg also called his friends and imitated what these people do all the time — snap pictures. He called his friends, pulled out their phones, and focused their cameras on the photographers nearby. Now that’s bringing creativity to another degree!

Benedict Cumberbatch

While others don’t care about these unfriendly photographers, the actor who has Doctor Strange in his credit gave them a piece of his precious time by writing down a message in a piece of paper saying, “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.”

Dustin Hoffman

The veteran actor and filmmaker had the cutest way to deal with paparazzi. In another photo from Bright Side, he hid in what seems to be a street light. While we can give him credit for trying, we don’t think the street light helped conceal the actor.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Even while he was taking a bite, paparazzi didn’t waste the chance to capture the Sin City star’s stunning features. However, when he saw the photographers, Joseph lost his appetite by the look on his face. Hopefully, the photographer made enough money off of that photo to spare him from any cash loans.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe might have played a talented young wizard on screen, but his real-world magic is no match against the paparazzi. Given the degree of his fame, we’re sure the British actor wishes that he could simply swing his wand to make the nosy photographers disappear.

Eva Mendes

If Leonardo DeCaprio used his umbrella to cover up his face, Eva Mendes used none other than her hair to prevent her beautiful face from being captured. You decide if she successfully hid it. Credits to her, though, for trying.

Katy Perry

You’re not going to see her Roar in this photo, but you’d see Katy in full-on Adidas when she was in Buenos Aires. From her cap down to her shoes, we can see the iconic three-stripes symbol from the big sports brand. That outfit looks like an investment on its own.

Ricky Martin

While he was about to enter his car, the Livin’ la Vida Loca singers said Hi! by giving them nearly a 90 degrees salute in front of the camera.

Karlie Kloss

When this lady realized that paparazzi were shooting her, she started striking a pose, successfully concealing the former Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss standing behind her. The girl had lovely photos, though.