Whether you’re a parent or a child, I think we all have an idea of how hard parenthood is. It’s hard, really hard. That’s why celebrities who are single-parents deserve more recognition! Stars like Orlando Bloom, Louis Tomlinson, and Madonna showed us that they’ve got both worlds covered. You definitely have to give them credit. They were able to continue entertaining and sharing their talents with us. They were able to raise and give their little youngsters lots and lots of love. Having the whole world watch you while you do the parenting game alone is quite a nerve-wracking task. However, some of our favorites did not only pass it, but they’ve aced it with flying colors! If you’re interested to know who the other celebrity superheroes are, then you came to the right place! Not only will we be listing down Hollywood’s mighty single-parent, but we’ll also let you in on how they did it. Prepare to be surprised along the way and ultimately be in awe by the end!

Ricky Martin | Valentino and Matteo

Technology has made it possible for LGBT couples or singles to have children of their own. One clear example of this is Ricky Martin, with his twins, Valentino and Matteo. This path is not usually easy for future daddies, especially because during the time he was looking for a surrogate mother, he has not come out as gay just yet. A few even questioned why he would go the surrogacy route when he can adopt.

The singer, however, pushed on as he really wanted to have kids. While he might have been single during that time, and it would be difficult raising two kids, he welcomed Valentino and Matteo with open arms when they were born in 2008. Martin is no longer single now and is happily married, but he raised his twins as a single parent for a reasonable amount of time. We give him credit for raising his eldest twins with dignity.